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Make Your Own

Why Make Your Own CS?


Why Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

There are hundreds if not thousands of people manufacturing colloidal silver commercially. Many are honest, ethical and provide a great product while some take dangerous short cuts by adding ingredients to accelerate the process out of ignorance or good old-fashioned greed.

Most tout their process or product as special or unique to differentiate theirs from the vast competition using fancy wording claiming high potency or special technology and in the end, 1. You don’t know what you are getting from other sources. Some products tested claiming to be pure have been found to contain  salts,  gelatin, animal proteins, hair, lead and other metals and there are cases where no silver was found at all.  2. Making pure high quality colloidal silver is simple and can be done at home for under a dollar a gallon! After the initial investment in your silver generator and electrodes, the only expense is the distilled water.  3. You control the particle size and density (the QUALITY ). With the proper generator you control the current output which directly affects the particle size.

By making your own colloidal silver you know exactly what’s in it and you control the quality while saving a lot of money! 

1 gallon of colloidal silver sells online for $107.21 and you can make it for under a buck!  (Google 2017)

That’s why.

Make Your Own CS Generator


You can make your own CS generator if you are somewhat skilled in basic electronics.  There are many web pages and instructibles on the subject.  However it is important to keep in mind that a good CS generator will have good current limitation that ensures a maximum current density of 2 ma./square inch of submersed anode (positive electrode).

A very good design can be found at http://www.bestyoucanget.com/colloidalsilver.htm  This site has some excellent information as well.

If you are not electronically inclined or simply have more interesting things to do with your day then purchasing a good unit is for you.